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Ethne staff in the U.S.A. minister in a variety of ways. While their home bases are spread across the U.S., they still minister in other regions such as Asia, Russia, and Eastern Europe. From mobilizing short term missions, catalyzing emerging leaders, ministering to immigrants, and teaching seminary students, Ethne staff continue to work to see Gospel movements among the nations.


The Bressers are ministering among immigrants in Hamtramck, Michigan and the Detroit area. They have established a prayer meeting and are investing in immigrants through ESL and exploring other opportunities to meet their needs. They are also engaging leaders in theological discussions. In addition, they continue to work to transform the next generation of Russian orphans by investing in Christian leaders ministering among them. This is done in short visits to Kursk, Russia and mentoring via Skype.

The Curles develop church leaders through teaching seminary students and pastors in Asia.

The Tomasellis work to mobilize and lead short term teams to partner with CRM ministries in Eastern Europe. Presently, their countries of focus are Romania and Moldova where they minister in a number of ministries that the CRM team has established and developed through the years. When the Tomasellis are not in Eastern Europe they are working with churches in the U.S. to bring teams to Eastern Europe or as church consultants in the Southeastern U.S., helping churches develop ministries of church revitalization, church planting, leadership development, outreach and missions.

The Middletons: The Middletons lead an initiative called Mission Entrepreneurs International. MEI finds develops and catalyzes mission entrepreneurs, emerging and transitional leaders and mission teams seeking to start new contextually appropriate ministry initiatives around the world, consistent with CRM’s purpose to fuel movements of the Gospel. The goal is to help mission entrepreneurs understand their highly unique and very challenging journey, and develop the contextually appropriate ministry initiatives God is calling them to start consistent with their personal sense of calling. Additionally, MEI helps identify and clarify ministry leaders’ personal sense of calling, so as to help them better understand their ministry landscape and how and where they might best fit. MEI helps ministry teams identify and clarify their corporate sense of calling, how to better work with one another as together they seek the next steps of their shared journey.

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Novo is a band of creative missionaries sent to multiply movements of the gospel and mobilize the church for mission around the world.

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